Sydney Yancey

Sydney Yancey

Human Development and Family Science

Yancey appreciates the college's comprehensive approach to health and wellness


Flowery Branch, Ga.


Human development and family science

Minor: Gerontology


Athens Community Council on Aging Bentley Adult Day Health Center volunteer (2018-2021) and intern (2022); UGA Wesley Foundation prayer leader (2019), Freshley small group leader (2021), and student mentor (2022); Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate; Zell Miller Scholarship recipient; Graduating Summa Cum Laude

Why I chose my major

I chose HDFS as my intended major when I was applying to UGA. I knew I wanted to do something in social sciences and I figured if I selected something other than psychology then my application would possibly stand out more since that is such a popular major. I scrolled through the majors offered, skimmed the HDFS description, then selected it. Little did I know that I picked the perfect major for me. I got into my first HDFS class, HDFS 2100, and had this moment where I thought “Wait a minute, this is exactly where I need to be”. It is thanks to what I have learned during my time in HDFS and the support of faculty that I am continuing my education and starting my career with a focus on serving older adults and their families.

What I like most about FACS

I love that FACS mirrors the complexity of the consumer. When people ask what my major is and I say HDFS, they then ask what that means. I tend to say it is a mix of psychology, sociology, social work and developmental science because it is hard to describe it using just one discipline and I think that is the case for every department in FACS. Each department is made up of a combination of disciplines with the goal of taking the most holistic approach to supporting that aspect of the consumer’s life. In order for us to understand human development and family science, we have to look at everything from an individual’s biology to the laws of the country in which that individual lives. This allows us to gain a solid understanding of what their experience of life is and how to best support their health and wellness. That is the comprehensive approach that FACS takes and that is what I like most about it.

Post-graduation plans

After graduation I will be pursuing a master’s of science in applied gerontology. I will also be serving as the Director of Adult Ministries at Buford First United Methodist Church.

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