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Teresa McClure

Human Development and Family Science

A visit to Dawson Hall stood out in her mind, and she soon made it her home. McClure said she chose Human Development and Family Science because she enjoys helping people.

Teresa McClure

Human Development and Family Science


Danielsville, Ga.

Activities and Honors

HOPE Scholarship, Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion, Certificate in Academic Advising, Co-founder of the former student organization OWLS (Older Wiser Learners)

Why I chose my major

I chose HDFS because I enjoy helping people and this major seemed to be a good fit and seemed to contain interesting content. I have enjoyed all of the major classes I have taken

What I like most about FACS

Several years ago a department at UGA, one that no longer exists, worked with non-traditional students and the staff there arranged an information session and a visit to several of the colleges for students. I attended almost every one of the meetings in an effort to make an informed decision on choosing the major I wanted to pursue. I had a great experience at the meeting in Dawson Hall; everyone there was welcoming, I felt at home and the majors in FACS seemed interesting. Everyone I interacted with that afternoon was so helpful, kind, and informative. I didn’t initially choose a major in FACS but when I found myself in classes I didn’t enjoy nor looked forward to ones I’d have to take in the future, I decided to do some reflecting. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was that previous meeting at the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. I researched the different majors in FACS, met with one of their academic advisors, changed my major to Human Development and Family Science and never looked back. I have enjoyed the courses in my major and having had the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff and faculty members in FACS.

Post-graduation plan

After graduation, I plan to continue my full-time job at UGA, take at least a one-year break from school and then pursue a master’s degree in a program similar to HDFS.

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