Child Development


Infants are developing attachments and need to feel that they are safe. Secure attachments develop when babies have a consistent person who attends to their needs.  

Physical development

  • By 2 months, babies may be incorporating tummy time into their movements. You may notice them using their arms to push up.
  • By 4 months, your baby is likely holding his/her head up by themselves. 
  • By 6 months, your baby will start sitting upright on their bottom. 
  • They may also begin to move objects from one hand to the other. 
  • By 9 months, they may begin crawling and scooting.
  • By 1 year old, they may begin taking a few steps with assistance.


This age range is typically when your child’s gross motor skills are rapidly developing!

  • They will start walking forward and backward. 
  • They may begin feeling comfortable running.
  • They will learn to throw a ball. 
  • They will start being comfortable walking up the stairs with assistance. 

All children are unique and different in their own way. They will meet their milestones at different paces! If you are concerned that your child is not meeting a specific milestone, please consult with your pediatrician and also reach out to Siobian Minish.

Language Development

  • From birth to 3-years old is a critical time for language development.
  • Encourage language development by consistently talking and having conversations with your child.
  • Helpful resource (MAYO Clinic) 
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