The Cambodian-Laotian Community Strength and Resilience project is a community-based participatory research project that examines communities’ responses and resilience to environmental challenges.

Current Events

Surveys are done. Thank you to everyone who completed one.

We are currently enrolling community members in the project's interviews and photography activities. The first 32 Cambodian families and the first 32 Laotian families to sign up for interviews will get a Canon camera. Contact one of the Community Partners for more information (see Meet the Team for contact information).

What's Happening in the Community? 

The community celebrated Buddhist New Year, which, along with Pchum Ben, is one of the most important religious festivals. Celebrations took place during April and May at Wat Veluvana, Wat Lao Buddharaska, and Wat Lao Buddha Vihara.

Mr. Heang Chunn (left) and Mr. Visanou Khamphouy (right) meet to talk about Buddhist New Year.
Members of the Cultural Advisory Board talk about the project and community needs.
UGA Team members Desiree Seponski (left) and Denise Lewis (right).