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A minor in Human Development and Family Science provides you with knowledge of key concepts underlying individual and family development across the life cycle that will complement your degree.

Who is minoring in HDFS?

Students across campus find our curriculum complementary to their major focus, including:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice
  • Communication Studies

Required Coursework (9 hours)

You get to select 2 Electives from one of our content areas. Here are some suggested options based on your major, and you can review other options by clicking on the "Requirements" link on the right side-bar.


  • HDFS 5130 - Therapeutic Benefits of Play
  • HDFS 4860 - Parent Education and Child Guidance


  • HDFS 5100 or HDFS 5100W - Family Intervention


Social Work

  • HDFS 4330 - Diversity in Human Development and Family Systems
  • HDFS 4880 - Family Life Education Methodology

Criminal Justice

Communication Studies

Please note that substitutions will not be granted for required or elective courses.

Research Internship (5950) is not available for minors, but you may choose to participate in the Center for Undergraduate Research (CURO). Please visit the CURO website for additional information and review the required form.

Directed Studies (HDFS 3010) are available but will not count towards your minor coursework. If you are interested in learning more about Directed Studies, students should 1) talk to a faculty member about opportunities to learn more about a specific topic; 2) meet with their advisor; 3) complete the agreement form that includes a syllabus.

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