FACS department name change unites diverse areas of scholarship
June 4, 2021
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The department of foods and nutrition in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences will change its name to the department of nutritional sciences effective fall semester 2021.

The University Council approved the name change at its April meeting.

Lynn Bailey, department head and the college’s Flatt Professor of Foods and Nutrition, said the change is necessary “to unite the diverse areas of scholarship within the department and better communicate faculty expertise areas to those outside of academia as well as current and prospective students.”

“Nutritional sciences can be defined as the research and dissemination of knowledge related to how food and nutrients in food are utilized to support the health of individuals and families,” Bailey said. “The department consists of faculty members conducting a wide range of nutrition-related research, from cell and molecular studies to clinical studies of metabolism to community-based efforts to improve nutrition and population health. This new name achieves these goals of communicating this expertise and is consistent with names of similar departments at peer institutions.”

Home to over 500 undergraduate and graduate students, the department offers undergraduate majors in dietetics, nutritional sciences and culinary science and nutrition, and oversees the FACS Education major.

Both the college and university curriculum committees unanimously supported the name change.

“The name nutritional sciences highlights the common thread that unites all of our department's research and Extension efforts, as well as our excellent graduate and undergraduate programs,” said associate professor Rob Pazdro. “It is an exciting time as we all celebrate the transition to this new name.”

Kenneth Ivory, president of the FACS Alumni Association and 1987 graduate of the college, said he fully supports the name change. Ivory, vice president of operations for Creative Dining Services, credited the college for striving to best prepare students for success after college.

“The college is the foundation of who I am and prepared me well for my 35-year career,” he said. “I know the faculty and staff go above and beyond in everything they do in the interest of the students and everybody we serve through our research and outreach efforts, and that’s reflected in this name change to nutritional sciences.”

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