V. Elizabeth Hoggard-King

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Development and Family Science

Graduate Research Assistant

Elizabeth is a doctoral candidate with a background in child welfare, focusing on traumatic stress, child memory, and human rights responses.

Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602



Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Master of Education Child Studies (Psychology & Human Development) Vanderbilt University 2020
Graduate Certificates Poverty & Intervention; Latino & Latina Studies Vanderbilt University 2020
Bachelor of Arts Sociology & Anthropology with a minor in Education Studies Middlebury College 2013.5


Elizabeth brings her experience working in the child welfare, Child Advocacy Center, and criminal justice fields as a child forensic interviewer and multidisciplinary investigative team facilitator to her research perspectives. Currently, Elizabeth works under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Wieling on projects related to developing ecologically responsive multi-component systemic interventions for populations exposed to mass traumas. This research is being conducted primarily with immigrant and refugee communities in the U.S. and in low-income post-conflict settings internationally. 

Elizabeth's primary research interest is the role of traumatic stress and memory science in human rights practices--specifically, the use of trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, investigative interviewing techniques for eliciting accounts of trauma and violence that would constitute a need for international protection or prosecution (e.g., "credible fear" and refugee status determination interviews; investigation of atrocity crimes). Her developing program of research is focused on interventions that integrate culturally responsive implementation and dissemination to (a) promote refugee child mental health and (b) improve the practices of professionals interfacing with trauma-exposed populations in investigative contexts. Currently, Elizabeth is working on three main projects: a study of forensic interviewer knowledge of child traumatic stress; the preliminary development of a theory of moral disengagement to support interventions on the behavior of State actors at the US Southern border; and a systematic literature review of episodic memory features in autistic children to inform investigative interviewer behavior. 

Elizabeth also writes about J.R.R. Tolkien and transformative works in her free time. She has presented at several conferences and has appeared as a guest on The Tolkien Experience.

Prior Professional Positions

Organization Title Years of Service
Vanderbilt University Graduate Research & Evaluation Assistant (Human & Organizational Development; Teaching & Learning) 2
YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee Bilingual Domestic Violence Specialist 1
Randolph-Tucker Children's Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Investigative Team Coordinator & Lead Forensic Interviewer; Clinical Supervisor of Forensic Interviewers 5
Ripton Elementary School Student Teacher 1
Middlebury College Research Assistant, Tutor, Monitor, and Academic Coordinator (English & American Literature; Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies; Women's Resource Center; Queer Studies House) 4


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
P.E.O. Scholar Award P.E.O. International 2023-2024
Virginia Wilbanks Kilgore Scholarship University of Georgia 2023
Louise & Johnny Hyers Academic Support Scholarship University of Georgia 2022-2023
Karen Elizabeth Willis Scholarship University of Georgia 2022-2023
FACS Funds for Excellence Scholarship University of Georgia 2021
Graduate School Research Assistantship University of Georgia 2020-2024
Dean's Academic Tuition Scholarship Vanderbilt University 2018-2020
West Virginia's "Forty Under Forty" Award The State Journal & West Virginia Child Advocacy Network 2018
Gold Star Award Randolph-Tucker Children's Advocacy Center 2018
Segal AmeriCorps Education Award AmeriCorps 2013
Student Leadership Award Nominee Middlebury College 2013
Feminist of the Year Award Middlebury College 2011


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
Disability Resource Center Student Ambassador 2023-present Advocacy and education in undergrad and grad student bodies
Georgia College Transition Partnership Program Evaluation & Data Workgroup; Self-Advocacy Committee 2022-present Multi-university, DHS-funded project to support autistic students' transition to workforce or grad school
HDFS Graduate Student Organization Evaluation Coordinator 2022-2023 Student leadership at department level, responsible for monthly needs assessments & designing evaluations to support goals of student projects
HDFS Graduate Student Organization Vice President 2021-2022 Student leadership at department level, including development of HDFS grad students needs assessment
Graduate Student Association HDFS Representative; Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member 2021-2022 Student leadership at university level, including development of annual needs assessment for grad students with disabilities & planning/groundwork for an independent student organization

Advisory Committee

My advisory committee is comprised of (a) Dr. Elizabeth Wieling (major professor) and Dr. Margaret Caughy, both in HDFS at UGA; (b) Dr. Sonja Brubacher, of the Centre for Investigative Interviewing and Griffith Criminology Institute, at Griffith University; and (c) Dr. Chad Clay, from International Affairs and the Center for the Study of Global Issues (GLOBIS) at UGA.

Areas of Expertise

traumatic stress; memory and cognition in context of child development; investigative interviewing; immigration & displacement; dissemination & implementation

Professional Affiliations

  • Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (2021 to present)
  • Society for Research in Child Development (Latinx Caucus; 2020 to present)
  • American Psychological Association (2019 to present)
  • Society for Community Research and Action (Immigrant Justice Group; 2018 to present)
  • American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (2018 to present)

Current Classes

  • Co-teacher, HDFS 4130: Family Perspectives on Policymaking (Dr. Kozak, Spring 2024)

Journal Articles

  • King, V.E. (2022). Latin American Refugee Youth in the United States: Migration-Related Trauma Exposure and Implications for Policy and Practice. International Journal of Migration, Health, & Social Care.  https://doi.org/10.1108/IJMHSC-07-2021-0065 Online here (not open access).
  • Leyva, L., McNeill, T., Balmer, B., Marshall, B., King, V.E. & Alley, Z. (2022). Black Queer Students’ Counter-stories of Invisibility in Undergraduate STEM as a White, Cisheteropatriarchal Space. American Educational Research Journal. https://doi.org/10.3102/00028312221096455 Online open access here.
  • Curtis, M., Boe, J., King, V.E., & Osborne, K. (2022). Quantitative criticalism: guidelines for conducting transformative quantitative family science research. Journal of Family Theory & Review. https://doi.org/10.1111/jftr.12449 Online open access here. Awarded AAMFT Outstanding Research Publication Award, 2023.
  • Buckingham, S.L., Langhout, R.D., Rusch, D., Mehta, T., Chávez, N.R., Ferreira van Leer, K., Oberoi, A., Indart, M., Paloma, V., King, V.E., & Olson, B. (2021). The roles of settings in supporting immigrants’ resistance to injustice and oppression: A policy position statement by the Society for Community Research and Action. American Journal of Community Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajcp.12515 Online open access here.

Conference Presentations since 2021

  • Hoggard-King, V.E. (2023, April 17). Neurodivergent Research and Autistic Participants: A Focus on Quantitative Nuance & Qualitative Interviewing Methods [Invited conference presentation]. Authentically Autistic Research Symposium: Intersecting Identities, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA. Watch here.
  • King, V.E. (2023, March 23-25). Autistic-ADHD Children with Developmental Disability: Lower Parenting Stress Associated With Higher Maltreatment, Despite Decreases in Stress Over Time [Poster session]. Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. [Accepted but withdrawn due to extenuating circumstances].
  • Hoggard-King, V.E. (2023, March 21-23). Child Traumatic Stress and the Forensic Interview [Conference presentation]. 39th International Symposium on Child Abuse, Huntsville, AL, USA.
  • King, V.E. (2022, April 13-16). "More Cannot Be Said": Using a Critical, Semi-systematic Literature Review to Understand Academic Silence on the Queer Potential of Legolas and Gimli [Conference presentation]. Popular Culture Association Annual Conference (Tolkien Studies Division). (online)
  • King, V.E. (2021, November 2-5). Latin American Immigrant Youth's Traumatic Exposure Across Social Ecological Levels and Migration Stages: A Systematic Review of the Literature [Poster session]. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 37th Annual Meeting. (online) 
  • Buckingham, S.L., Ferreira van Leer, K.; Oberoi, A.; Olson, B.; Rusch, D.; King, V.E.; Indart, M.; Chávez, N.R.; Mehta, T. (2021, August 12-14). Giving Psychology Away: Considering Tensions in Public Interest Policy Advocacy [Conference panel]. American Psychological Association Annual Meeting 2021. (online)
  • King, V.E. (2021, July 4-5). “The Burnt Hand Teaches Most About Fire”: Applying Traumatic Stress and Ecological Frameworks to Narratives of Displacement and Resettlement Across Cultures in Tolkien’s Middle-earth [Conference presentation]. The Tolkien Society Summer Seminar, Oxford, England. (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj4N_cyKTDI
  • Ellis, E., King, V.E., & Trejo, A. (2021, June 24-26) The Intersection of Immigrant Detention, Traumatic Stress & Suicide: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Policy [Conference presentation]. American Family Therapy Academy Conference. (online)
  • Leyva, L.A., McNeill, T., King, V.E., & Marshall, B.L. (2021, April 11-13). "I Really Avoid Any Way of Being Seen as a Sexual Being to My Peers": Embodied Oppressions and Agency among Queer Women of Color in Undergraduate STEM [Conference presentation]. American Education Research Association Conference, Orlando, FL, United States. (online)
  • Leyva, L.A, McNeill, T., Balmer, B.R., Marshall, B.L., King, V.E., & Alley, Z. (2021, April 11-13). A Counterstorytelling of Black Queer Students’ Experiences of Queer of Color Invisibility in Undergraduate STEM as a White, Cisheteropatriarchal Space [Conference presentation]. American Education Research Association Conference, Orlando, FL, United States. (online)

Other Publications or Presentations

  • Barefield, T., Leffler, B., Ulmer, L., & Hoggard-King, V.E. (2023, March 24). Wellness and Ableism in Academia [Panel moderator, invited]. UGA College of Education: 18th Annual Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Conference, Athens, GA, United States. (online) 
  • King, V.E. (2017, April). Forensic Interviewing: So, uh, what exactly do you do? Retrieved from https://web.archive.org/web/20160626071055/https://wvcan.org/forensic-interviewing/ 
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