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Service-Learning is a philosophy involving the application of academic skills to solve real-life needs in the community, in collaboration with community partners. Find a course below then contact your advisor to get started.


Foods and Nutrition

  1.         FDNS 4660S/6660S - Food and Nutrition Education Methods
  2.         FDNS 5710S/7710S - Study Tour in Foods and Nutrition

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

  1.         FHCE 4000S/6000S - Consumer Analytics: Evidence-Based Strategy
  2.         FHCE 4100S/6100S - Consumer Well-Being
  3.         FHCE 4235S - Applied Financial Planning
  4.         FHCE 4340S/6340S - Housing and Community Development
  5.         FHCE 5205S/7205S - Clinical Practicum in Financial Planning
  6.         FHCE 5350S/7350S - Housing Counseling
  7.         FHCE 5360S/7360S - Topics in Sustainable Housing
  8.         FHCE 6235S - Applied Financial Planning Leadership

Human Development and Family Science

  1.         HDFS 3700S - Adolescents and Young Adulthood Survey
  2.         HDFS 4830S/6830S - Death, Dying, and Bereavement Across the Lifespan
  3.         HDFS 4880S/6880S - Family Life Education Methodology Service-Learning
  4.         HDFS 5130S/7130S - Therapeutic Benefits of Play
  5.         HDFS 5150S/7150S - Families, Schools, and Communities
  6.         HDFS 5910S - Applied Community Internship in Human Development and Family Science

Institute on Human Development and Disability

  1.         IHDD 2050S - Principles of Person-Centered Practices
  2.         IHDD 4002S/6002S - Disability Issues in Adulthood
  3.         IHDD 4005S/6005S - Disability Issues in Childhood and Adolescence
  4.         IHDD 5000S/7000S - Disability in the Archives
  5.         IHDD 5720S/7720S - Advocacy Practices in Disability

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

  1.         TXMI 2360S - Residential Interior Design Core Studio with Service Learning
  2.         TXMI 3320S - Residential Building Construction and Materials with Service Learning
  3.         TXMI 4390S - Studio VI: Advanced Universal and Sustainable Residential Design with Service Learning

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