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International Merchandising Emphasis

This program provides opportunities for concentrated study in the following topic areas:

  • International Apparel and Textiles Retailing
  • International Production and Trade
  • Global Sourcing
  • International Business Practices
  • E-commerce in a Global Setting
  • Historic & Cultural Aspects of Dress

Major Requirements

  • Complete minimum of 42 hours of graduate coursework
    • 3 hours must be dissertation writing (TXMI 9300)
    • Note: Your committee may require your course work extend beyond the stated minimum number of credit hours
  • Courses previously taken in the M.S. program may apply
  • 16 hours must be 8000-level or above
  • 30 consecutive semester hours of residency
  • A dissertation is an integral component of this Ph.D. program
  • Core Course Requirements:
    • TXMI 6520* (TXMI 6520 is not required if you have completed TXMI 4520 or equivalent prior to enrollment in the Ph.D. program.)
    • TXMI 8050
    • TXMI 8270
    • TXMI 8500
    • STAT 6210
    • STAT 6220
  • Research Methodology:
    • 6 hours or more (not including TXMI 8050)
  • Concentration of 12 hours from: 
    • TXMI 7710/7711
    • TXMI 8220
    • TXMI 8240
    • TXMI 8260
    • TXMI 9010
  • Supporting area:
    • 12 hours from any graduate courses approved by major professor in areas closely aligned to the student’s research emphasis
  • Dissertation:
    • TXMI 9300 (6 hours)
  • Doctoral Research:
    • TXMI 9000 (3 – 9 hours)

Undergraduate Courses

Depending on your undergraduate major and previous course work, you may be required to complete undergraduate courses* (this may include Chemistry, Textiles, and Textile Testing) while you are enrolled in the graduate program, and completion of these courses may be required prior to enrollment in specific graduate courses.

*Undergraduate credit hours do not count toward your graduate degree and are not listed on the program of study.

Additional Courses

Courses outside of TMI and other graduate courses in TMI may be approved by your major professor for inclusion in your program of study.

Graduate Courses

  • TXMI 8220: Advanced Topics in International Textile and Apparel Production and Trade
  • TXMI 8240: Advanced Topics in Retailing
  • TXMI 8250: Apparel Trade and International Retailing
  • TXMI 8260: Advanced Topics in Consumer Behavior
  • TXMI 8270: Apparel Theories and Methodologies
  • TXMI 8500: Contemporary Topics in Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors
  • TXMI 9005: Doctoral Graduate Student Seminar
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