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Scholarships from Georgia Soft Goods

The GSGEF was founded over 25 years ago and provides student scholarships and funding assistance to Fashion Merchandising students and faculty in the Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors department.

Student Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in Fashion Merchandising in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors. Preference is given to students with an emphasis in Product Development & Design. Students will be chosen based on a combination of the following:

  • Leadership
  • GPA
  • Financial need
  • Future study abroad participant
  • Internship goals

Students should apply early in the Fall Semester for each year’s awards.

Additional scholarships can be found on the FACS Scholarships page.


  • The Charles Gilbert Study Abroad Award: Awards are made annually to be used for study abroad programs.
  • New York Fashion Industry Summer Intern Award: A $2500 award is given annually to a student pursuing a summer internship in NYC. Here’s the 2015 NYC Alumni & Student Reception.
  • The Buhler Leadership and Scholar Award: A $1000 scholarship is awarded annually for academic achievement and leadership.
  • YMA Fashion Scholarships: Numerous $7,500 scholarships are awarded annually by the YMA in New York City. For more information visit YMA Fashion Scholarships.

What We Do

We work in close cooperation with the Dean and Faculty of the School of Family & Consumer Sciences. The Foundation funds Professorships, Scholarships, Study Abroad Programs, as well as other academic needs identified by the faculty. The Foundation also helps to network students for internships and post-graduation employment in our industry in fields such as design, product development, merchandising, sourcing, retailing, logistics, and quality control. The work of the Foundation is funded by a trust, as well as other fundraising activities such as an annual reception during Fashion Week at the University. The Foundation is governed by an open membership Board of Directors who meet twice annually at the University.


  • Kaki Read, UGA alumnus and PR director for Warby Parker Eyewear, keynote speaker at 4th GSGEF Reception
  • Tosha Hays, TMI alumnus and product designer at Spanx, Inc., keynote speaker at 3rd GSGEF Reception
  • Jack Schmidt honored for his committment to GSGEF following his retirement from the board
  • Emphasis area introduced in 2007, title changed to Product Design and Development
  • Sewn Products Equipment Company donates an Inkjet Plotter for use in TXMI 3540 - CAD for Apparel Design and Production
  • 1st annual GSGEF Reception
  • 1st scholarships sponsored by Lectra and Riverside
  • Alecia Brooks hired to teach CAD/CAM course
  • Helped establish the CAD/CAM lab center
  • Donated $500,000 to UGA in support of GSGEF Distinguished Professor
  • Soft Goods Merchandising and Manufacturing "emphasis area" added under FM major
  • Worked to develop courses for the Soft Goods emphasis area
  • Charlie Gilbert hired as GSGEF Distinguished Professor solidifying the partnership between TMI and the GSGEF board
  • Approached FACS about establishing a Soft Goods Degree Program in TMI department


The sponsorship from GSGEF provides awards and scholarships for study abroad, internships, and a named scholarship for 1 year. These are given to students majoring in FM based on the criteria of leadership, GPA, financial need, future study abroad participation, and internship goals.

  • Red Sponsor - $5,000
    • 2014 Buhler
    • 2013 Buhler
    • 2011 Lectra and Buhler
    • 2010 Lectra and Riverside
  • Black Sponsor - $2,500
  • Silver Sponsor - $1,000

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Georgia Soft Goods Board Meeting - April 2022

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