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Pacesetter Award

This award goes to an individual who has graduated from the college within the last 10 years and who actively promotes the beliefs and values of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Alan Moore

Alan Moore

In 2014, Alan Moore was just 27 and only a few years removed from his undergraduate days.

Still, he recognized a need in the financial planning industry, one that had bothered him for years, and boldly decided to do something about it.

He and a business partner co-founded XY Planning Network to deliver financial planning services to Generation X and Y clients, an underserved demographic in a field that historically caters to the wealthy.

"Previously, the prevailing business model for financial planning firms was reliant on accumulated wealth, excluding the very consumers who could most benefit from professional financial advice," Moore said.

The "disruptive" company Moore helped launch promoted a new fee structure and service model and required advisors to work in their clients' best interest as fiduciaries.

"Our team of 50 is dedicated to helping independent financial planners start and run their own firms with a focus on bringing real financial planning to Generation X and Generation Y clients," Moore said.

By 2018, XYPN was ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

"We've been able to support over 1,050 financial advisors and reach 100,000 consumers," Moore said.

Moore later co-founded a company called AdvicePay, a compliant payment system that allows financial planners to meet regulatory requirements by billing clients in a secure and transparent way.

"In just under three years, we've raised nearly $3 million in funding," Moore said, noting AdvicePay now serves 1,800 advisors with potential to grow to 7,000 advisors in the next two years.

Moore's entrepreneurial spirit was evident from the beginning of his academic career, said Joseph Goetz, associate professor of financial planning who served as Moore's major professor during his master's program.

"Even as a student, he cared about increasing access to financial planning," Goetz said. "His high level of empathy, caring and innovation led to the creation of a company with a network of advisors around the country that is helping tens of thousands of people reach their goals in life."

Recognition for Moore's efforts have poured in.

He was given the Young Professional Award at the 2019 FACS financial planning banquet and has been recognized by Investment News as a top "40 Under 40" in financial planning.

In addition, XYPN was ranked No. 7 on the 2019 Bulldog 100 list recognizing the fastest-growing businesses run by UGA alumni.

He credits much of his success to the FACS faculty.

"I've dedicated my career to helping consumers get access to trustworthy financial planning," Moore said. "I would not be where I am today without the inspiration and encouragement from my UGA professors. In addition to tactical knowledge, they taught me how rewarding a career in financial planning can be, and I am forever grateful."

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