In our weekly seminars, nutrition experts take time from their busy schedules to visit UGA and share their insight with FDN students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These seminars supplement traditional coursework and provide a medium for introducing attendees to the latest trends and practices in clinical, industry, research, and community nutrition. Also listed in this schedule are seminars and proposal/thesis defenses delivered by our FDN students.

Below is a list of our seminars occuring during the Spring 2019 semester. You may also view past seminars.

Date Speaker Topic Location Host
April 22, 2019 Ms. Emily Unwin Ms. Emily Unwin’s Thesis Defense - Pilot Testing the EFNEP Food Talk Curriculum with Georgia Teens 264 Dawson Hall Alison Berg
April 23, 2019 Ms. Hannah Winston Hannah Winston, MS Thesis Defense, Foods & Nutrition 216 Dawson Hall Richard Lewis
April 24, 2019 Dr. Alex Anderson Dr. Alex Anderson - An Innovative Passive Dietary Monitoring System 116 Dawson Hall Lynn Bailey