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Service-Learning Opportunities

How to Volunteer

To volunteer for this clinic, you will need to register for FHCE 4235S (undergraduate) or FHCE 6235S (graduate) which are both 3 credit hours and take place each Spring semester. You will participate in a lab in which you’ll interact with clients and prepare their taxes both in person and virtually. In addition, you will meet once a week for class to participate in trainings, discuss cases, and learn the best tax preparation and planning practices. 

Required Prerequisite/Corequisite

You will need to have taken a federal income taxation class. The University of Georgia courses that meet this criterion are FHCE 4230/6230, ACCT 5400/7400, or with instructor approval with past work experience.

UGA VITA Volunteers

VITA has been one of my favorite experiences at UGA

Participating in VITA has been one of my favorite experiences at UGA. Through VITA, I was not only able to enhance my tax knowledge and communication skills, but also able to connect with so many amazing people. This semester I was able to help a client save over $1,000. After seeing how grateful she was, I realized the significant impact VITA has on the community. The VITA program allowed me to give back to the Athens community that has meant so much to me over the past four years.

Karsyn Sewell - MAcc Student
Karsyn Sewell
Justine Tan

I would definitely recommend VITA

I decided to volunteer with VITA because I wanted to use my tax knowledge to help the local Athens-Clarke County community. As a VITA manager, I led a team of undergraduate students who prepared the tax returns for our clients. Apart from reviewing the tax returns to ensure accuracy, part of my role as a manager was to communicate with our clients and ensure that the VITA sessions ran smoothly. I honed my communication skills and learned how to manage a team to ensure that we serve our clients best. I also enjoyed collaborating with Dr. Palmer and other managers to tackle the more complicated tax returns. Overall, VITA was a really great experience for me because I could see the impact my team was making on our clients, who were all very grateful and patient with us. My favorite memory of VITA would be the pizza party on our last session (at GUCU) to celebrate the end of our tax season! I would definitely recommend VITA to any student who wants to make a real impact in the community!

Justine Tan - MAcc Student
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