Handshake is a free comprehensive resource that will allow you to advertise your open positions, connect with our students, register for career fairs, and schedule interviews.

To being using Handshake, create a company account and connect with the UGA Career Center.

Get Started

After connecting with the UGA Career Center, list your position so that Financial Planning students can see it:

  • Create a descriptive job title – always include key words such as “financial planning”

  • Include details of the duties to be performed – percent of time spent with clerical, operational, or analytical work, customer service, client meetings, business support, etc.

  • Consider including a description of your firm culture and service model in order to attract students that will be a good fit.

More About Handshake

Intern for a Day

Intern for a Day is a day-long shadowing program in which an individual student or groups of students (up to 10) engage with financial planning firms in order to expose them to the day-to-day operations and firm culture. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build a pipeline of prospective talent for future internships and other positions, in addition to creating and maintaining awareness of your firm among students and helping students in making informed career decisions. Intern for a Day is hosted twice each academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

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