Engage with Our Program

We offer an array of events for you to be able to engage with our students. We hope you will engage with the program and our students in order for students to get first-hand insight into the field of Financial Planning.

Engagement Opportunities

Pledge to the 1% Giving Club

Guest Lectures & Workshops

We encourage guest lecturers to speak and share their knowledge allowing students a first-hand insight into financial planning. The best way to engage with our program is through our corporate sponsorship program. If you have any questions, reach out to Suzanne Griffeth

Mentor Program

The Financial Planning Mentor Program connects current Senior and Graduate students of the FHCE Financial Planning Program with Financial Planning Alumni. Mentees receive guidance and advice on their professional development, knowledge on industry insight and the opportunity to meet and network with those currently in the industry. Both Mentors and Mentees have the option to select between two membership types that best fit their wants and schedules. Applications are accepted for both Mentors and Mentees year-round.

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