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Student Financial Planning Association

We provide you with networking and professional opportunities in the financial planning community.

The Student Financial Planning Association (SFPA) welcomes all students—regardless of current major—who share an interest in financial planning. Not only do SFPA’s members gain valuable leadership experience and knowledge about the profession, students also are given numerous opportunities to network with financial planners and counselors. Additionally, SFPA members strive to make a difference both in their peers’ lives, but also in the community by volunteering their time and/or financial planning expertise to make community events successful.


When: Mondays 6:30 pm

Where: 306 Dawson Hall

Meetings are held during the regular school year.

SFPA members regularly attend conferences

  • The Financial Planning Association national meeting
  • The National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators Conference
  • The Financial Therapy Association national conference
  • Atlanta Financial Planning Association meetings
  • Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Association

Each academic year ends with a SFPA celebration in Atlanta!

Fun Events

  • Bi-weekly meetings with leading financial planning practitioners
  • Participation in annual Dawson Hall Fall Tailgating Afternoon
  • Hosting of internship firms


How to Join

We would like to have all Family Finanical Planning majors and anyone interested in the financial industry to join SFPA! We are open to all majors!

At our meetings, speakers come from various financial institutions to talk with us about their businesses. They present us with a better insight on major facets of their company such as: the philosophy of their business and how it operates (i.e. fee-only or commission based) and whether they specialize in retirement planning, financial counseling, or investments. These representatives inform us about their work environment and how to climb the ladder for specific career paths. They also give advice on how to edit resumés and cover letters, as well as dressing profesionally for an interview with their company.

In order to become a member:

In order to be an official SFPA member, we ask that you pay the dues of $10 to cover meeting costs, events, and much more!

In order to be a member of FPA National and FPA of Georgia, submit payment of $35 to http://www.fpanet.org/professionals/Membership/Individual/. FPA National are inclusive of a 1 year subscription to the Journal of Financial Planning and BusinessWeek, so that you can keep updated on the latest trends in business and financial planning as well as discounted conferences and meetings.

Come to the meetings motivated and ready to learn about the exciting field of financial planning!


Here are a few job opportunities. If you have any questions, please use the contact information provided for each employer.

Check out our list of contacts from previous interns.


Job Search Tools

  • NAPFA - Search for Fee-only firms near you or where you would like to work.
  • NAGDCA - If Retirement Planning is one of your favorites, use this site to find internships, scholarships and conferences that relate.
  • FPA - Search for hiring firms that are registered with the Financial Planning Association.
  • Career Builder - Search keywords that relate to what job you are looking to find.


If you have a postion you would like for us to post, please email the webmaster at chaseb@uga.edu



  • President: Logan Harr
  • Vice President: Kevin VanCise
  • Secretary: Emily Hamryka
  • Treasurer: Lucas Freund
  • Public Relations: Richie Pinnock


  • Matt Barber - barber@homrichberg.com
  • Chris Campbell - campbell@homrichberg.com
  • Amelia Clifford - aclifford@centurionag.com
  • Beth Daniel - bethduga@gmail.com
  • Keith Deane - keithldeane@gmail.com
  • David Dickens - ddickens07@yahoo.com
  • Jason Eagle - jason.eagle@merceradvisors.com
  • Eric Gilmore - eric.a.gilmore@us.pwc.com
  • Stephen Gunter - james.s.gunter@gmail.com
  • Bo Hanson - bo.hanson@preston-cleveland.com
  • Ross Hughes - ross@redwoodwm.com
  • Justin Jenniges - JustinJenniges@gmail.com
  • Blake King - blake.king1@gmail.com
  • Katie Reeves - kreeves@ayco.com
  • Amanda Robinson - amjrobinson@gmail.com
  • Jeff Rosengarten - rosengarten@homrichberg.com
  • Sarah Schreiber - sara.schreiber@nmfn.com
  • Natalie Simons - nsimons@ayco.com
  • John Taylor - taylor@homrichberg.com
  • David Ward - david.ward@charlesdhaines.com
  • Blake Williams - bwilliams@ppaadvisors.com




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