From our origins in 1927, we continue to evolve and strive to provide the highest quality of early childhood education and research opportunities.

  1. Beginnings

    A grant from the Rockefeller Foundation was awarded for a nursery school on the Georgia State College of Agriculture campus. In the fall of 1928, the nursery school, which was established in the Division of Home Economics began to operate.

  2. The Depression

    The college felt it could no longer support the nursery school due to economic depression. Fortunately, funds for the nursery school program were made available through the Works Progress Administration.

  3. A New Home

    The nursery school was financially taken over by the School of Home Economics. Miss Margaret McPhaul came to the University as Director of the Nursery School and remained until her retirement in 1964.

  4. A New Building

    The nursery school was opened in a new three-story red brick building built under WPA provisions.

  5. Infant Program

    An infant program was opened for children between the ages of three months and two years.

  6. Kindergarten

    A third group of children was added to provide experience with kindergarten-aged children. The kindergarten program was later phased out as public schools began to offer kindergarten programs.

  7. Family Development Department

    The Family Development Department was established and the nursery school became part of this department.

  8. Dawson Hall

    The US Office of Education and the Georgia Education Authority allocated funds for additions to Dawson Hall and the nursery school building.

  9. The McPhaul Center

    The center offered half-day programs for children ages three to five years. The nursery school moved into its present location that is now known as the Child Development Lab at the McPhaul Center.

  10. Two-year-old Group Added

  11. New Program and Playground

    A full day program for children of university affiliated individuals was established. A playgroup with children from the Georgia Retardation Center (GRC) was also begun.

  12. Special Needs Inclusion

    A grant was established to support inclusion of 12 children with special needs and the playgroup for GRC was phased out.

  13. Present Numbers

    The enrollment at the Child Development Lab increased from about 45 children in the 1970's to 93 children at the present time.

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