Learn from our faculty who are experts in the basic, community, and clinical aspects of foods and nutrition across the lifespan.

Aging and Nutrition
Contacts: Jung Sun LeeMary Ann JohnsonRob Pazdro

Bone Health
Contacts: Richard LewisEmma Laing

Clinical and Translational Nutrition
Contacts: Lynn B. BaileyRichard D. LewisEmma Laing

Community and Public Health Nutrition
Contacts: Alison Berg, Alex AndersonCaree CotwrightLeann BirchJung Sun LeeRichard Lewis

Cooperative Extension
Contacts: Elizabeth AndressJudy Harrison, Alison Berg, Carla Moore

Dietetic Internship
Contacts: Barbara Grossman

Food Safety
Contacts: Elizabeth AndressJudy Harrison

Functional Foods and Phytochemicals
Contacts:  Hea Jin ParkChad PatonGinnefer Cox

Genetics and Metabolism
Contacts: Claire de La SerreArt GriderRob Pazdro

Gut Microbiome
Contacts: Claire de La Serre

Maternal, Infant and Childhood Nutrition
Contacts: Alex AndersonLynn BaileyCaree CotwrightLeann BirchRichard LewisEmma LaingHea Jin Park

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sport
Contacts: Jamie Cooper

Obesity and Obesity-Related Disorders
Contacts: Alison BergCaree CotwrightLeann BirchClaire de La SerreMary Ann JohnsonRichard LewisHea Jin Park, Carla Moore

School Nutrition and School Nutrition Director Certification Program
Contact: Ginnefer Cox