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Learn from our faculty who are experts in the basic, community, and clinical aspects of Foods and Nutrition across the lifespan.

Aging and Nutrition

Jung Sun Lee, Rob Pazdro

Bone Health

Richard Lewis, Joeseph Kindler, Sina Gallo

Clinical and Translational Nutrition

Lynn B. Bailey, Richard D. Lewis

Community and Public Health Nutrition

Alison Berg, Alex Anderson, Caree Cotwright, Jung Sun Lee, Richard Lewis

Cooperative Extension

Elizabeth Andress, Alison Berg

Dietetic Internship

Barbara Grossman

Food Safety

Elizabeth Andress

Functional Foods and Phytochemicals

Hea Jin Park,Ginnefer Cox

Genetics and Metabolism

Claire de La Serre, Art Grider, Rob Pazdro, Chad Paton

Gut Microbiome

Claire de La Serre

Maternal, Infant and Childhood Nutrition

Alex Anderson, Lynn Bailey, Caree Cotwright, Richard Lewis, Hea Jin Park

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sport

Jamie Cooper

Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology

Chad Paton

Obesity and Obesity-Related Disorders

Alison Berg, Caree Cotwright, Claire de La Serre, Richard Lewis, Hea Jin Park,

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