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Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

  • Dominique Shaw

    Dominique Shaw

    Current Students

    Dominique chose this major to express creativity and develop design skills

  • Anders Law

    Anders Law

    Current Students

    Anders plans on moving to Italy to be product developer

  • Skylar Perez

    Skylar Perez

    Current Students

    Skylar chose PDD because she had always had a passion for design, creation, and using color

  • Lindsay Portwood

    Lindsay Portwood

    Current Students

    Lindsay chose fashion design because of her love for Halloween

  • Ellen Cabaniss

    Ellen Cabaniss

    Current Students

    Ellen plans to move to New York after graduation to pursue a career in design

  • Penelope Williams

    Penelope Williams

    Current Students

    Penelope will be continuing into the Fashion Merchandising M.S. as a part of the Double Dawgs program

  • Daniela Franco

    Daniela Franco

    Current Students

    Daniela will travel to London, England with the FACS Study Abroad Program, where she will gain academic credit and participate in an international internship.

  • Helen Huynh

    Helen Huynh

    Current Students

    Helen Huynh has always had a passion for creativity.

  • Sha’mira Covington

    Sha’mira Covington

    Current Students

    Doctoral candidate in TMI researches the intersection of fashion/dress and cultural studies.

  • Karsyn Ragatz

    Karsyn Ragatz

    Current Students

    Ragatz's favorite classes have been Textile Economics, Trend Forecasting, and Retail Planning and Buying

  • Nicole Moreno

    Nicole Moreno

    Current Students

    Moreno's dream is to relocate and start a fashion career in Italy, eventually becoming a trend forecaster or creative director

  • Sophia Boyer

    Sophia Boyer

    Current Students

    Boyer plans to pursue brand operations and creative strategy positions

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