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Graduate Name (Major Professor) Title Document Date
Kristi-Warren Scott (Dr. Zahirovic-Herbert) Obesity in the South: Do Subjective Measures of Food Access Matter? Dissertation Summer 2015
Dipesh Gangopadhyay (Dr. Nielsen) Measurement of Multidimensional Deprivation using Capability Approach and Fuzzy Set Theory: A Study on the United States Dissertation Spring 2015
Kathryn Holland (Drs. Moorman and Nielsen) Adult Clothing Expenditures in 2006 and 2010: Homeowners and Renters Before and After the Great Recession Thesis Spring 2014
Donna Danns (Dr. Cude) Financial Education in State Colleges and Universities: A Study of Program Offering and Students' Needs Dissertation Spring 2014
Robin Henager Greene (Dr. Cude) How Financial Literacy Influences Long- and Short-Term Financial Behaviors in Different Age Cohorts Dissertation Spring 2014
Rachel Deal (Dr. Chatterjee) Residential Satisfaction of the Elderly: Does Perceived Neighborhood Safety Matter? Thesis Fall 2012
Kelsey Queen (Drs. Carswell & Skobba) Factors Associated with Movement Along the Housing Career: An Examination of Recent Movers using The American Housing Survey Thesis Fall 2012
Melissa Wilmarth (Dr. Nielsen) Financial Wellness and Relationship Satisfaction: Identifying Mediating Communication Patterns via Structural Equation Models Dissertation Fall 2012
Colin Couch (Dr. Carswell) An Examination of the Potential Relationship between Green Status and Price: Perspectives for the Multifamily Sector Thesis Summer 2012
C.W. Copeland (Dr. Chatterjee) A Generation Apart: The Perceived Retirement Preparedness of Near-Retiree Baby Boomers Dissertation Summer 2012
R. Alan Moore (Dr. Goetz) A Qualitative Study of the Collaboration betwen Financial Planners and Mental Health Professionals Thesis Summer 2012
Michal Polanowski (Dr. Nielsen) Finances of Retired Households: The Effect of Wealth- and Income-Impacting Events on Income of Retired U.S. Households Dissertation Summer 2012
Chris Wyczalkowski (Dr. Goetz) A Model of Financial Satisfaction Thesis Summer 2012
Anne Duke (Dr. Cude) Motivating Health Savings Account Funding Dissertation Spring 2012
Crystal Hudson (Dr. Palmer) The Effect of Information from a Formal Advisor on Low-income Employee's Financial Behavior Dissertation Spring 2012
M.J. Kabaci (Dr. Cude) Coming to Consensus: A Delphi Study to Identify the Personal Finance Core Concepts and Competencies for Undergraduate College Students, Undergraduate Student Education Loan Recipients, and First-Generation Undergraduate College Students Dissertation Spring 2012
Martin Seay (Dr. Palmer) Direct Household Investment in Residential Rental Real Estate during the 2000s Dissertation Spring 2012
Doneshia Starling (Dr. Zahirovic-Herbert) Older Adults and New Orleans: Mobility and Place Attachment after Hurricane Katrina Thesis Spring 2012
Timera Sutherland (Dr. Sweaney) Housign Type and the Social Contact of Older Adults Thesis Summer 2011
Melissa Casey (Dr. Mauldin) The Employment Status and Managerial Challenges of Mothers in Two-Parent Families with Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Thesis Fall 2010
William Fleming, Jr. (Dr. Cude) An Examination of State Insurance Department Websites from a Consumer Perspective Dissertation Summer 2010
Irina Kunovskaya (Dr. Cude) The Impact of Financial Literacy on Use of Financial Service in Russia Dissertation Spring 2010
Jason Miller (Dr. Mauldin) The Role of Smokeless Tobacco in Smoking Cessation and Initiation: An Investigation of American Youth Thesis Fall 2009
Leslie Green-Pimentel (Dr. Sweaney) The Relationship between Housing Cost Burden and Health Status among Older Adults in the United States Dissertation Fall 2009
Gina Gould Peek (Dr. Sweaney) Better Citizens? The Relationship between Homeownership and Religious and Political Volunteerism Dissertation Fall 2009
Katie Robinson (Dr. Carswell) The Residential Satisfaction of Military Personnel Living in Privatized and Non-Privatized Housing Thesis Spring 2008
Jose Francisco Diaz Venezuela (Dr. Houston) An Analysis of the Meat Demand of the U.S. Hispanic Population Thesis Spring 2008
Melissa Wilmarth (Dr. Nickols) Clear Thinking, Sound Judgement, Established Leadership: Helen W. Atwater Thesis Spring 2008
Gilbert Werema (Dr. Houston) Spatial Differences in Food Consumption Behavior in Uganda Dissertation Summer 2007
Amanda Anglyn (Dr. Sweaney) Incidence of Home Modifications Among Younger Old Adults and Older Old Adults Using Longitudinal Analysis Thesis Spring 2007
Qianqiu "Max" Zhu (Dr. Marlowe) Consumer Preferences for Internet Services: A Choice-Based Conjoint Study Dissertation Spring 2007
Mandi Colson (Dr. Sweaney) Affordable Housing Barriers in Georgia According to Local Homebuilders Association Members Thesis Spring 2007
Mary Linnenbrink (Dr. Mauldin) Factors Associated with Savings and the Achievement of Savings Goals in Individual Development accounts: Evidence from the American Dream Demonstration Thesis Summer 2006
Stephanie Vanderford (Dr. Sweaney) Homeless Families in Charlotte, North Carolina: Characteristics and Patterns of Exit from Homelessness Dissertation Spring 2006
Yali "Lily" Yang (Dr. Koonce) Decision-Making Under Risk: Financial Goal, Wealth, and Reflection Effect Dissertation Fall 2005
Yi "Tom" Cai (Dr. Cude) The Effect of Reference Prices on Consumer Willingness to Pay: An Investigation of the Online Name-Your-Own Price Strategy Dissertation Fall 2005
Marietta Jelks (Dr. Marlow) Premature Affluence: Factors Related to Excessive Teen Spending Thesis Spring 2005
Kelly Manley (Drs. Mauldin & Cude) Consumer Choice and Midwifery: A Qualitative Study Dissertation Spring 2005
Adeline Opoku (Drs. Mauldin & Sweaney) Factors Associated with Community Versus Institutional Long Term Care: Differences by Race and Ethnicity Thesis Fall 2004
Farah Mihoubi (Dr. Koonce) Financial Activities Among Unbanked Hispanics in New York City and Los Angeles Thesis Summer 2004
Anna Rivenbark (Dr. Sweaney) A Hedonic Price Comparison of Manufactured Homes with Site-Built Homes Thesis Fall 2003
Xin Dai (Dr. Cude) How Internet Users Differ in On-line Activities: The Influence of Their Characteristics on What They do Online Thesis Spring 2003
Teresa Nunn (Dr. Sweaney) The Presence of Universal Design Features in Consumers' Current Residence and Planned Use in Future Homes Thesis Spring 2003
Yali "Lily" Yang (Dr. Godwin) Athens-Clarke County Residents' Households' Debt, Risk Aversion and Expectations for the Future Thesis Summer 2002
June Martin (Dr. Sweaney) Locational Characteristics of Tenant-Based Versus Project-Based Rental Housing Assistance in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region, Georgia Thesis Summer 2002
Yi "Tom" Cai (Dr. Swagler) Country-of-origin Effects on Consumers' Willingness to Buy Foreign Products: An Experiment in Consumer Decision Making Thesis Summer 2002
Qihua "Catherine" Lin (Dr. Lee) Consumers' Information Search When Making Investment Decisions Thesis Spring 2002
Stacy Brock (Dr. Sweaney) Athens Area Habitat for Humanity: Homeowners and their Homes Thesis Spring 2002
Yoko Mimura (Dr. Mauldin) Poverty Dynamics Among Young Adults in Rural and Urban United States Dissertation Fall 2001
Yinghao Li (Dr. Lee) Interested in Adopting Online Trading? : Predicting Future Adopters of Online Trading Thesis Summer 2001
Manlio Santillan (Dr. Marlowe) U.S. Consumption of Mild Coffees : an Analysis of the Factors Influencing Demand Thesis Spring 2001
Tianshu Li (Dr. Godwin) International Students' Ownership and Use of Credit Cards Thesis Spring 2001
Jane Defenbaugh (Dr. Sweaney) Factors Influencing Retired Active Adult Consumers' Decision to Purchase a Manufactured Home vs. conventional Home: An Economic and Demographic Analysis Thesis Fall 2000
Kennita Kind (Dr. Sweaney) Intra-Industry Trade: An Analysis of the United States' Textile and Apparel Industry Dissertation Fall 1999
Akesia Johnson (Dr. Marlowe) The Effects of Human Capital Investments, Including Age When GED is Obtained, on Future Wage Rates Thesis Summer 1999
Jeannine Lewis (Dr. Nickols) Factors Influencing the Savings Behaviors of Selected African-Americans in Metropolitan Areas of Georgia Thesis Spring 1999
Emmanuel Fiadzo (Dr. Marlowe) Estimating the Determinants of Housing Quality Using Standardized Core Welfare Indicators: The Case of Ghana Dissertation Fall 1998
Dina Ehrenzweig (Dr. Sweaney) Straw-Bale Housing: Consumer Acceptance in Athens, Georgia Thesis Spring 1998
Kristen Whitworth (Dr. Marlowe) Life Insurance and the Newly Married Couple: A Study Evaluating Life Insurance Decisions Thesis Spring 1998
Tricia Alfred (Dr. Marlowe) Consumer Preferences for Brand-Name versus Private-Label Ready-to-Eat Cereals Thesis Summer 1997
Nashwa Ali Al-Mazrooei (Dr. Huston) The Role of Consumers in Fisheries Product Market Development Thesis 1996
Richard Thompson (Dr. Godwin) Change in Adequacy of Emergency Fund Holdings of U.S. Households between 1983 and 1989 Thesis 1996

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