All Students   

Application for Assistantship:  Apply each year for academic year graduate assistantship. Due January 15.

Application for Summer Assistantship:  Apply each year for summer assistantship. Due April 1

Application for Graduation:  Visit this website the semester you intend to graduate. 

Application for Waiver of Graduate Out-of-State Tuition You are eligible for in-state tuition when writing your thesis or dissertation. 

Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form:  Faculty use this to evaluate your performance as a graduate assistant. 

Graduate Travel Funding Request (FACS):  If you are presenting academic work at a conference may use this to apply for financial support.

Request for Leave of Absence From Graduate Enrollment:  Use this when continuous enrollment is not possible. Requests must be received on or before the last day of classes for the semester for which it is requested.

Use the abbreviation "Finan Plan Hous and Cons Econ" on forms that ask for your major or department.

All M.S. Students

Program of Study for M.S. (POS):  The official list of courses you plan to take.

Request for Change in Degree Objective:  To change your intended degree program (e.g. thesis to non-thesis). 

Recommended Change in POS:  To modify your program of study

Request for Transfer Credit: If you meet the requirements laid out here:

M.S. (with thesis) Students   

M.S. Degree (thesis) Requirements:  To determine which courses you will take. 

M.S. (with thesis) Advisory Committee Form:  To identify your advisory committee. 

Advisory Committee Action on Thesis Proposal:  Use this at your thesis proposal

Approval Form for Thesis, Defense & Final Exam:  The final form for the Graduate School.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission Approval form: for submitting your thesis to the Grad School

M.S. Degree Progression:  For annual meetings with your advisory committee. 

Professional Master's/M.S. Non-ThesisStudents   

M.S.- N.T. Degree Requirements: a link to the course requirements for all Professional Master's degrees

M.S.-NT Advisory Committee Form:  To identify your advisory committee

Applied Consumer Analytics Research Project Proposal Form:  Use this to plan your research project

M.S.-N.T. Capstone/Research/Internship and Final Exam form:  TherThe final form for M.S.- N.T. students

Ph.D. Students   

Advisory Committee Action on Dissertation Proposal:  Use during your dissertation proposal. 

Advisory Committee Form:  The Graduate School form used to identify your advisory committee.

Application for Admission to Candidacy:  Use at your oral comprehensive exam.

Dissertation and Final Oral Examination Approval form:  Use this multi-step form when defending your dissertation.

Commencement Information:  To notify the Graduate School that you will participate in commencement. 

Degree Progression Annual Evaluation:  For annual meetings with your committee. 

Degree Requirements Worksheet:  To determine which courses you will take. 

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission Approval form: for submitting your dissertation to the Grad School

Final Doctoral Program of Study (POS):  The official list of courses you plan to take. 

Notification of Intent to Take Ph.D. Written Comprehensive Exam:  To indicate your plans for taking the written comprehensive exam. 

Oral Comprehensive Exam Form:  Use this during your oral exam.

Preliminary Program of Study for Ph.D. Students (PPOS):  Your PPOS is a detailed plan for degree completion.

Recommended Change in POS:  To modify your program of study.

Teaching Request Form:  Complete this when your teaching requirement is satisfied. 

Written Comprehensive Exam Form:  Major professors complete this to report the results of written comprehensive exams.