Graduate Education Preparation

If you are interested in pursuing graduate education, you are strongly encouraged to take a selection of courses that strengthen your research knowledge and skills as well as help you continue to advance your writing skills.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended for students interested in graduate studies:

  • HDFS 5110 Research Methods in HDFS (3 hours)
  • HDFS 5950 Research Internship (3-6 hours)
  • HDFS 3010 Directed Studies (3 hours)
  • Additional HDFS electives appropriate for your intended graduate program
  • STAT 2000 Introductory Statistics (counts in Area III, or as a general elective)

Research Internship

The Applied Research Internship program allows HDFS Majors to gain 1 (45 clock hours), 2 (90 clock hours), or 3 (135 clock hours) credit hours as they work directly with University Faculty on research projects.

  • Work with faculty on research projects
  • Gain experience applying theoretical approaches to the study of families
  • Apply principles of research to diverse individuals and families
  • Present your research at the CURO Symposium

CURO, Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

To participate in CURO, please review their website for specific information. Students are required to complete a form and must indicate the department of the faculty member with whom they are working with on research, and then select the appropriate course (HDFS 4960H, 4970H, 4980H, and 4990H). In addition to the application form, there are requirements that are time intensive so plan accordingly and avoid waiting until the last minute.

Directed Studies

Directed Studies (HDFS 3010) are available to undergraduate students wishing to work more closely with faculty members on a topic of interest not offered by through our existing curriculum. Complete these steps: 1) talk to a faculty member about opportunities to learn more about a specific topic; 2) meet with your advisor; 3) complete the agreement form.

Agreement Form


Use our timeline below to plan your progress. You may also download a checklist to document your progress. Use this APA Resource as a supplement to find the right program for you, or use the Career Center Resources.

Graduate School Timeline. Use the following instructions to plan ahead. January - Do a quick search to identify schools of interest in your area. February - Reach out to the schools you find and ask about the program and application process. March-April - Refine your list and reach otu to specific faculty and graduate students to learn more. May-June - Plan campus visits that involve meetings with faculty and graduate students. July - Start preparing for the exams and schedule a time to take them. Work on your personal statement. August - Create a spreadsheet with information about the application processes-include dates. September - Ask recommenders for their support and provide them with a spreadsheet, resume, and personal statement. October - Request transcripts from the Registrars Office. November-December - Submit your applications.

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