Prevention/Intervention Track

Within the Prevention/Intervention Track, you have the following choices.

Certified Family Life Education

According to the National Council on Family Relations, “family life education focuses on healthy family functioning within a family systems perspective and provides a primarily preventive approach.”

Although many different types of professionals serve families, CFLE professionals have a unique role to play through their use of a system-based, prevention orientation that is based in an educational rather than a therapy approach.

Professional Counseling, Marriage + Family Therapy


Social Work

Through our program, students learn about the development of individuals across the lifespan, as well as the interdependent relationship that exists between individuals, families and communities. Students are prepared to think critically using theory and evidence-based practices.


Law Schools look for candidates who:

  1. Can read, communicate and think critically.
  2. Exhibit listening and communication skills that promote public service and social justice.

Sources American Bar Association


  • HDFS 3700 (or 3700S or 3700E or 3701E), 3710, 2950 (or 2950E): Developmental Courses
  • HDFS 4130 Family Perspectives in Policymaking (Formerly Family Policy)
  • HDFS 4880 or 4880S Family Life Education Methodology
  • HDFS 4860 Parent Education & Child Guidance

My undergraduate degree permeates every aspect of my life

My undergraduate degree permeates every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. It has paved the way for success to all my aspirations. My success as a family law attorney was integral to my election as a Superior Court Judge. During my contested election, my campaign focus on child and family issues totally changed the climate of the campaign in my rural five county area. All the candidates in every race brought into the issues I outlined as pivotal issues. Children and families became every candidate's issues. It is a rare voter who has not been impacted by a family legal issue in some way.

Kathy Palmer - Chief Judge
Kathy Palmer
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