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Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization in the Department of Human Development and Family Science is led by an elected body of officers whose mission it is to improve the career development and quality of social relations of graduate students in the department. We plan events such as speakers, socials, and holiday parties. We also plan new student orientation and provide communication between faculty and students.

President: Rachel M. Taylor (rachelmtaylor@uga.edu)

Vice-President: V. Elizabeth King (elizabeth.king@uga.edu)

Treasurer: KeLa Allen (kela.allen@uga.edu)

Secretary: Megan DeFluri (megan.defluri@uga.edu)

Student-Faculty Liaisons: Rachel Brown (rab32840@uga.edu) and Christopher Collins (christopher.collins@uga.edu)

GPSA Representative: Avery Campbell (averyca@uga.edu)

Diversity & Outreach Representative: Linhao Zhang (linhao.zhang@uga.edu)

HDFS Interview Coordinators: Linhao Zhang (linhao.zhang@uga.edu) and Clare Thomas (clare.thomas@uga.edu)

Child Life Interview Coordinators: Mallory Adams (mallory.adams@uga.edu) and Sydney Ehinger (sre25103@uga.edu)

Quint State Representative: Clare Thomas (clare.thomas@uga.edu)

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