Our Ph.D. program prepares you for a career in healthcare, government, community, industry, and university research and teaching positions.

Program Requirements

Our Ph.D. Program requirements have changed. Students enrolled before Fall 2017 should click on the red button to access their program requirements; students enrolled in Fall 2017 and later should click on the gray button to access their program requirements; students enrolled in Fall 2019 and later should click on the black button to access their program requirements.

Program Requirements prior to Fall 2017  

Program Requirements effective Fall 2017

Program Requirements effective Fall 2019

How long does it take?

Generally 4-5 years to complete the courses and research for the doctoral dissertation. Students on grant funding must complete all Doctoral requirements, excluding the dissertation and final oral examination, within 6 years (72 months) of enrollment.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • Talented professors with cutting-edge research
  • Small classes with highly motivated students from around the world
  • Immersion in a research team that is solving real-world food and nutrition issues

What you'll do in research

  • Give scientific presentations
  • Network at scientific meetings
  • Write and submit grant proposals
  • Publish journal articles and book chapters

Research Opportunities

What you'll do in teaching

Research and Dissertation

  • You will conduct research alongside your major professor in a specific area
  • Our doctoral students are currently conducting clinical, community, applied and basic sciences research to solve real world problems
  • You will write reviews, abstracts, and journal articles that summarize your research
  • Travel funds are available so you can present your research at scientific meetings
  • You will compile all of your research findings and summaries into a dissertation
  • Examples of doctoral research projects are in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database. Search by department, topic, and faculty of interest.

Combine your Ph.D. with a Dietetics Internship

Ph.D. DI information

Where are our graduates?

Graduates are employed at the CDC, USDA, NIH, and several universities including Auburn University, Emory University, Penn State, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, SUNY Plattsburg, and University of Tennessee.

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