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Current Students

  • Aura Bautista

    Aura Bautista

    Current Students

    Aura's decision to go from Marketing to Fashion Merchandising was made from the fact that she always knew in her heart she wanted to be a designer

  • Dominique Shaw

    Dominique Shaw

    Current Students

    Dominique chose this major to express creativity and develop design skills

  • Anders Law

    Anders Law

    Current Students

    Anders plans on moving to Italy to be product developer

  • Skylar Perez

    Skylar Perez

    Current Students

    Skylar chose PDD because she had always had a passion for design, creation, and using color

  • Lindsay Portwood

    Lindsay Portwood

    Current Students

    Lindsay chose fashion design because of her love for Halloween

  • Ellen Cabaniss

    Ellen Cabaniss

    Current Students

    Ellen plans to move to New York after graduation to pursue a career in design

  • Penelope Williams

    Penelope Williams

    Current Students

    Penelope will be continuing into the Fashion Merchandising M.S. as a part of the Double Dawgs program

  • Daniela Franco

    Daniela Franco

    Current Students

    Daniela will travel to London, England with the FACS Study Abroad Program, where she will gain academic credit and participate in an international internship.

  • Helen Huynh

    Helen Huynh

    Current Students

    Helen Huynh has always had a passion for creativity.

  • Sha’mira Covington

    Sha’mira Covington

    Current Students

    Doctoral candidate in TMI researches the intersection of fashion/dress and cultural studies.

  • Karsyn Ragatz

    Karsyn Ragatz

    Current Students

    Ragatz's favorite classes have been Textile Economics, Trend Forecasting, and Retail Planning and Buying

  • Camryn Cobb

    Camryn Cobb

    Alumni, Current Students

    Author, doctoral student drawn to the college's mission of emphasizing well-being

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