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Foods and Nutrition

  • Lilian Sattler

    Lilian Sattler


    Dr. Sattler is an Assistant Professor in Pharmacy and in Foods and Nutrition.

  • Elizabeth Andress

    Elizabeth Andress


    Elizabeth Andress shares her knowledge of food processing and safety.

  • Chip Ogburn

    Chip Ogburn


    Dr. Chip Ogburn, M.S. in FDN, is chief of orthopedic surgery at Athens Orthopedic Clinic.

  • Emma Laing

    Emma Laing


    Emma Laing positions students for success in their professional and personal lives.

  • Taylor Newman

    Taylor Newman

    Current Students

    Taylor Newman is passionate about food and nutrition.

  • Claire de La Serre

    Claire de La Serre


    Claire de La Serre studies the mechanisms that trigger overeating.

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