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There are three required forms for everyone and one additional required form if you are registering for a Consumer Analytics internship (FHCE 5960 or FHCE 7960):

  1. Memorandum of Understanding (signed by your internship organization)
  2. Internship Goals and Expectations (signed by your internship supervisor and you)
  3. Intern Expectations (signed by you)
  4. Consumer Analytics Internship Project Proposal Form (signed by your internship supervisor and you)

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in your internship. If you are setting up a new MOU, it must be reviewed by UGA’s Office of Legal Affairs prior to the start of your internship. This review can take up to three weeks to complete.

You cannot start an internship without a signed and approved MOU. MOUs cannot be backdated. The MOU must match your internship organization and their address for you to be able to use it.

MOUs can be signed for up to a three-year period. Your internship organization may already have a signed MOU.

Check to see if your organization already has an MOU, then take one of the actions next.

If an unexpired MOU exists for your internship organization:

Fill in the blanks on the MOU. You don’t need to ask a representative of your internship placement to complete an MOU. You can also check YES as the answer to that question on the application.

Documents with handwritten changes, additions, and/or deletions will be returned by UGA’s Office of Legal Affairs.

If there is no signed and current MOU on file:

Have your internship organization complete one. Then print the completed MOU and get it signed.

We need an “original” of the Memorandum of Understanding. If there isn’t time to get an original, we suggest a scanned and emailed PDF file or a clean fax (sent to 706.542.4862). A picture taken with your phone may not produce the quality needed for the next signature and will result in delays. Poor quality copies will not be processed.

Top Mistake: Having an out of date or backdated MOU (not allowed – no exceptions)


Internship Goals and Expectations

The Field Supervisor for your internship must complete and sign this form. It outlines your responsibilities as an intern and the expectations we have for them as your supervisor.

Intern Expectations

You must read and sign this form. It describes our expectations of you as an FHCE intern.

Consumer Analytics Internship Project Proposal Form

If you are a consumer analytics intern, you will need to use the appropriate form below to describe your research or analysis project.

Example Time Log

You will complete and submit a time log similar to this example through your course on eLC each week.


Prepare the forms you need above and then complete the online application. You will need to upload your forms to submit your application.

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