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How to Apply

Preference for Admission to Combined Ph.D./DI:

In addition to the preferences for admission to our graduate programs, Ph.D./DI applicants must have completed the required dietetics coursework from an ACEND-accredited Didactic Program before entering our Ph.D./DI program (mandatory requirement)

Don't meet the criteria?

If you do not meet our admission criteria, then consider applying to our undergraduate program or enroll as a post-Baccalaureate student (contact: Dr. Rob Pazdro, rpazdro@uga.edu, http://www.admissions.uga.edu/).

PhD/Dietetic Internship Application Steps

*All four steps are required for concideration

1. Graduate School

Complete these materials for the UGA Graduate School by December 10 at 5PM EST

  1. Application to UGA Graduate School (complete this online).
  2. Application fee payable to the Graduate School: $75 for domestic and $100 for international students
  3. Official transcripts from all institutions from which a degree was obtained (OR you can upload an unofficial copy of your transcripts and we will contact you later if we need your official transcripts - see the graduate school website for more information about unofficial transcripts).
  4. Official GRE scores.*Due to the current pandemic, the GRE will be waived for complete application packets submitted by December 10th, 2020.
  5. Official TOEFL scores (international students).
  6. Three letters of recommendation submitted online (we prefer that letters be submitted online, which let’s you track when the letters have been submitted). After you submit your application online and pay the application fee, the graduate school will send an email instructing your recommenders on how to submit these letters online. You should let your recommenders know that they will be receiving this email. They should write about your suitability for graduate school and a career in nutritional sciences.
  7. When requested on the various forms and by various testing services,our major is "Nutritional Sciences" and our Degree Objective/Major Code is 347B for doctorate. The ETS School Code is 5813.

Apply to the UGA Graduate School

2. Department of Nutritional Sciences

Your completed Departmental application form must be submitted by December 10 at 5 PM EST (excluding the DICAS application and the D&D Digital Computer match application' both of which are due mid-February and submitted to their respective sites)

  1. Verification Statement or Statement of Intent (Required to apply to the Dietetic Intenship program). Intent to Complete Degree document can be found here.
  2. Statement of Purpose (Describe objective in graduate work and career goals)
  3. Resume/CV

Apply to the Department of Nutritional Sciences

3. DICAS on-line Centralized Internship Application

The on-line application must be completed for our program by 11:59 p.m. EST on February 15, 2018.

This may be accessed at https://portal.dicas.org, e-mail DICASinfo@DICAS.org. The fee to use DICAS is $45 for the first application submitted and $20 for each additional application.

Even though you have been asked to request three (3) references for the UGA Graduate School application, you will need to request three (3) references again for your DICAS application. UGA prefers a minimum of two (2) academic references.

When using DICAS, you will be asked to complete a personal statement. Your personal statement in DICAS for the University of Georgia can be the same (but does not have to be) as your Statement of Purpose on our Nutritional Sciences Departmental Application.

Even though you are required to submit your transcripts to the University of Georgia Graduate School, you will also need to submit them to DICAS. Please refer to the DICAS website for submission directions.

4. Register for Computer Matching

Register online for computer matching at www.dnddigital.com and select dietetic internship priority choices by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 15, 2018.

Also applicants must be successfully computer matched to our program, by participating in the computer matching process managed by D&D Digital and include the UGA Graduate-DI program as one of their prioritized selections. You will be asked to provide a ranking of dietetic internship programs for which you wish to apply (see your DPD program director for more information). We only participate in the Spring match each year. There is a $55 computer matching fee.

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