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Individuals who express kindness, attempt understanding, demonstrate respect, and invest time to be available and open to their partner are able to maintain stable, healthy couple and marital relationships.

CRE-F1 Care: Showing Affection and Respect to Strengthen Relationships
Brief summary for professionals about expressions of affection and respect in couple relationships.
(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model)
CRE-F2 Showing Affection and Respect
Fact sheet that will help clients understand specific ways they can express affection and respect in their relationship.
CRE-T1 Appreciating the Positive
Clients will identify, focus on, and communicate about positive qualities of their partner.
CRE-T2 Caring in Action
Clients will identify different ways they can express love in their relationship.
CRE-T3 Love Languages
Clients will identify how they and their partner prefer love to be expressed.
CRE-T4 Name the Ways You Care
Clients identify ways they and their partners express caring for one another.
CRE-T5 Caring Actions, Not Crabby Reactions
Clients will understand the difference between caring actions and crabby reactions.
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