The connections that couples develop with their family, peers, and community offer a source of meaning, purpose, and support that influence the health and vitality of their couple or marital relationship.

CNT-F1 Connect: Engaging in a Positive Social Network to Support Relationships
Brief summary for professionals about social support in couple relationships.
(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model
CNT-F2 Engaging Support as a Couple
Fact sheet that will help clients understand specific sources of social support.
CNT-T1 Connect to Support
Clients will become aware of available support services and resources in and around their community.
CNT-T2 Giving to Others
Clients will understand how providing service to others can help strengthen their couple relationship.
CNT-T3 Growing Family Connections
Clients will recognize ways extended family members provide support and how to build those relationships.
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