Being a healthy couple involves spending meaningful time together and fostering a shared sense of couple identity in order to sustain a close, enduring friendship based on trust and love.

SHR-F1 Share: Developing and Maintain Friendships to Strengthen Relationships
Brief summary for professionals about couple identity and friendship in couple relationships.

(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model)
SHR-F2 Develop and Maintain Your Friendship
Fact sheet that will help clients understand ways they can connect and strengthen their friendship with their partner.
SHR-F3 Making Time to Connect
Fact sheet that will help clients identify simple ways they can make time to share with their partner every day.
SHR-T1 Ways We Like to Share
Clients will identify individual and shared interests and activities that they can do together to strengthen their relationship.
SHR-T2 Bids for Connection
Clients will learn to notice and respond to each other's bids for connection to help keep their relationship positive.
SHR-T3 Building a Couple Identity
Clients will learn how to identify shared values and goals and ways they can work together to protect their relationship.
SHR-T4 Couple Rituals and Traditions
Clients will identify existing and new couple traditions and rituals that can enrich their relationship.
SHR-T5 Sending Positive Messages
Clients will identify some ways they can communicate positively with their partner and ensure messages are understood.
SHR-T6 Am I Ready To Listen?
Clients will better understand how distractions interfere with their ability to listen and communicate effectively with their partner.
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