A strong, healthy, long-lasting relationship does not just happen by chance but, instead, through deliberate and conscientious decisions to be committed, intentional, proactive, and strengths-focused.

CHS-F1 Choose: Making Relationships a Priority
Brief summary for professionals about the importance of deliberate action in couple relationships.
(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model
CHS-F2 Putting Effort into Your Relationships
Fact sheet that will help clients understand specific ways to make their relationship a priority.
CHS-T1 Choosing to Make a Commitment
Clients will become aware of factors to consider when deciding to commit to a new relationship.
CHS-T2 Making Decisions
Clients will be able to use a basic problem-solving approach when making decisions in their relationship.
CHS-T3 Do You Avoid Hurtful Thoughts and Behaviors?
Clients will become more aware of thoughts and behaviors that can help or harm their relationship.
CHS-T4 Ways to Show Commitment
Clients will identify ways they and their partner demonstrate their commitment to each other and to the relationship.
CHS-T5 Focus on Strengths
Clients will better understand the benefits of focusing on the positive qualities of their partner and the relationship.
CHS-T6 Envision a Healthy Future Together
Clients will identify relationship goals and reflect on ways to reach goals together with their partner.
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