To develop and sustain healthy relationships partners must develop intimate knowledge of each other’s personal and relational needs, interests, feelings, and expectations.

KNW-F1 Know: Getting to Know Your Partner
Brief summary for professionals about the importance of developing partner knowledge in couple relationships.
(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model
KNW-F2 Getting to Know Your Partner Well
Fact sheet that will help clients understand the specific information partners should seek to know.
KNW-F3 Know the 10 Ps
Fact sheet that will help clients understand information that partners should seek to know about each other.
KNW-T1 Love Maps-20 Questions
Clients will identify their own likes and dislikes and see how well they know their partner's preferences.
KNW-T2 Great Expectations
Clients will learn about setting and communicating clear and reasonable expectations with one's partner.
KNW-T3 Knowing What Qualities Matter
Clients will learn what qualities matter most to each other and ways they can work together to achieve them.
KNW-T4 Talking About Money
Clients will identify financial goals based on needs and wants and develop a plan to help reach their goals.
KNW-T5 Recalling Positive Experiences
Clients will list and share several positive experiences with one another and identify what they learned about their partner from shared experiences.
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