Care for Self

While better health is a consequence of healthy marriages, attending to one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being also fosters healthier couple and marital relationships.

CFS-F1 Care for Self: Maintaining Physical, Sexual, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness
Brief summary intended to provide professionals with background information about self-care in couple relationships.
(For a copy of the full chapter, see the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model
CFS-F2 Caring for Yourself to Care for Others
Fact sheet that will help clients understand healthy behaviors to promote physical, sexual, and emotional wellness.
CFS-F3 Intimate Partner Violence
Fact sheet that will help clients understand the definition and risks of Intimate Partner Violence.
CFS-F4 Healthy Living, Healthy Couples
Fact sheet that gives an overview of the MyPlate guidelines for eating healthy and being physically active.
CFS-T1 Signs of Stress
Clients will better understand the physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of stress.
CFS-T2 Managing Stress
Clients will identify healthy and unhealthy ways to manage stress and explore healthy strategies to do so.
CFS-T3 Goals for Better Health
Clients will identify current and new healthy behaviors they practice that contribute to their health.
CFS-T4 Take Care of Yourself
Clients will become more aware of healthy activities they do and/or can do to make themselves feel better.
CFS-T5 What Went Well?
Clients will identify positive experiences in their life and recognize how they contribute to those positive experiences.
CFS-T6 Eating Together Brings You Together
Clients will recognize the health and relationship benefits of eating meals together as a couple and/or family.
CFS-T7 Using Spiritual Wellness to Strengthen Relationships
Clients will recognize the health benefits of engaging in activities that promote their spiritual wellness.
CFS-T8 My (and My Partner’s) Strengths
Clients will learn to recognize and use their, and their partner’s, strengths to improve their lives and relationships.
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