Peer Financial Counseling

The Peer Financial Counseling ProgramĀ is set up on the premise that the best way to reach college students is by having fellow students provide valuable information and experiences that we can relate to and apply in our daily lives.

Today’s college students are bombarded with ads, commercials and mailings telling us that we need to spend money to be happy. At the same time, many of us come to college very ill-equipped to handle our finances. The Peer Financial Counseling Program is designed to address this problem. We hope to provide our peers with a basic understanding of personal financial management to help us meet life’s challenges and opportunities, many of which touch upon the topic of money.

The seven modules in the program have been developed to explore critical issues of budgeting, credit use, student loans, and savings and investments. We provide student speakers to present the modules to classes, clubs, residence halls and other student organizations. Each module consists of:

  • Seminar – Highlights the important concepts
  • Handouts – Practical information to take away with you
  • Group Discussions – An opportunity to discuss and apply information
  • Internet Resources – Resources that anyone can access using the Web

For information about starting a Peer Financial Counseling Program on your campus or getting a speaker to talk to your group about any of the topics below, contact Brenda Cude at 706.542.4857 or

Program Resources

All materials have now been updated for the 2012-13 school year. You can download the files for all of the modules in the Peer Financial Counseling Program from links in the table below.

You can right-click on each file and choose the menu option "Save Target as..." to download it to your hard drive. (Alternatively, you can click on each file you are interested in to immediately open it up on your screen.) A "Save as" window will open up so you can name the file and choose a location for it. Also, a progress dialogue box may open to tell you how long the file will take to download and how much of it has been transferred. You may want to create a folder (such as "PFC downloads 2008") to put all of your downloaded PFC files in to keep them organized.

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